Displaying Recent Facebook Posts on Your MUSE Commons Site

When setting up the MUSE Commons,  I wanted both Twitter and Facebook content for Project MUSE to display on the main page. Twitter was really simple—just set up a widget in your account. Facebook was a little more complicated. I didn’t really want the ubiquitous  plugin that shows “Facebook likes,” so I looked for a plugin that could display actual content from Project MUSE’s Facebook page.

I installed “Recent Facebook Posts,” and I have been happy with the results so far. I set it up to display the full Facebook posts, and, since I use Facebook mainly to keep up with high school friends, this is probably the first time I’ve kept up with MUSE’s Facebook posts, and I’m quite impressed!


In order to use this plugin on the MUSE Commons sites, you can go to settings and select “Recent Facebook Posts.” You’ll see that you’ll need various id’s and keys.


I would recommend going to the webpage for this plugin to get more fulsome instructions: http://wordpress.org/plugins/recent-facebook-posts/installation/ Now, skip the part about installation—-I’ve already done that for you. Otherwise, here are the steps you’ll need to go through using the instructions:

–You’ll need a Facebook “App” (application) to fetch posts from Facebook. This step includes registering as a Facebook developer.

–Use the displayed URL to get your Facebook page ID.

–Fill in the App ID, App secret, and Facebook page ID.

To get the posts onto your site, for example in the right hand column, go to Appearance > Widgets in your site’s dashboard. Find and drag the “Recent Facebook Posts” to the widgetized areas in the right hand column of the widgets page.

You’ll then need to configure how you want the Facebook posts to appear. Below are the current settings for the MUSE Commons. I will probably shorten it at some point from 5 posts to 4 or 3.


There you go! It’s really pretty simple even though you have to go through some steps to gather the Facebook data needed. Enjoy!


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